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Perhaps people have always dreamed of flying, especially in ancient times, when there were no planes, no, especially missiles.People from the past could only sadly say "why people can not fly like a bird," and leave it at that.However, over time humanity has created a lot of aircraft, however, to learn how to manage them, will have to spend a lot of time.Plane - this is not a car that can be learned in the last month of practice.However, modern computer technologies allow to try himself as a pilot, with no technical knowledge of aircraft control.Flight simulators allow you to play for a few seconds to take off and reach for the skies, and perhaps even the stars.These games allow you to control not only the aircraft, but helicopters, rockets, and sometimes even futuristic controls, such as a flying saucer.You can also fly with Santa Claus, or travel in a balloon.In general, online games Flying allow at least virtually realize such a dream from childhood, as "to be an astronaut."After all dreamed about it, most kids who are now growns and have returned to earth.Many of today's children also attended the idea.Practice shows that in these games the most played boys.But, if you're a girl, it should not stop you, because even during the war, pilots were girls!Play Flying online is not difficult and is very interesting, because they offer us a huge variety of subjects.For example, you can participate in races on the aircraft, or land the helicopter in the most extreme conditions, or control the fighter jets, destroying enemies and enemy aircraft.Believe me, it is worth to try to destroy the enemy's entire army alone on one fighter.These emotions you will remember for a long time, despite the fact that you do this only in the virtual space.You can get on a plane and sending gifts, thus helping Santa Claus.Possible to extinguish forest fires.Possible to evacuate people in the helicopter.You can dodge the asteroids in space flight flying saucer.And, of course, you can participate in strategic decisions during the war.As you can see, the game Fly on aircraft or other aircraft can be very diverse.Travel, fly, fight and get the pleasure of games related to flight!