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Computer games are often referred to as "women's employment is not" just like football, military service or weightlifting.However, in the modern world, the beautiful half of humanity is not only masters men's work, men's sports, but also the virtual space!For the fairer sex, special games for girls.This is a separate category of games, which allows small lady feel as a stylist, designer, chef or expert mode.Enormous popular, so-called, dress, where you can be dressed up as the main character.The main character could be anyone, for example, the hero or heroine of some popular cartoon, or a Barbie doll, or favorite singers that is extremely popular is the female audience.These games allow girls to have a very early age to show their design skills and to develop a fashionable suit with the best accessories!This is a great opportunity to create unique outfits!Any girl will understand without problems in the game, because it does not need to be a programmer.Need only drag & drop things in the right places, creating a unique combination, and then the gorgeous outfits.These games are best developed imagination and fantasy, so they are not only entertaining, but also useful.Also in the category of free games for girls includes simulators care for animals and children, love calculators, tests, and, of course, games for cooking.Every girl - is the future owner, which you learn to cook.However, the kitchen is easy to get hurt everyday, so parents are unlikely to allow you to host a young age.But from an early age you can play games for girls who can not only have a great time and learn a lot of useful recipes that are sure to come in handy any girl.As you can see, online games for girls are helpful and develop!In addition, they can relax and spend your leisure!Also, girls love to do makeup.Work out in this difficult matter is possible through special computer game where you can put makeup on, for example, a Barbie doll, or the wonderful Disney cartoon heroine Rapunzel!In addition, younger girls can find on our website Virtual Painting and coloring that they, too, will love!