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Games from "Ekshiny" designed for those people who like adventure and good humor.Adventure games for girls like everybody, all the more so on our website a lot of these games, so everyone will find something to his liking!Adventure is always very interesting, and usually they are addicted during adolescence.Know about such a passion companies developing games, and they regularly create Ekshiny and adventure games.They allow us to enjoy the beautiful graphics and amazing game storyline.Also, these games make us happy terrific characters, which, in fact, and come along with us to pass through various challenging obstacles.Such characters can be Barbie, adventure games that just love little girls.Also, the characters are characters from popular cartoons, and sometimes the world of games gives us new characters that have not seen before or in the movies or in books.Adventure games for girls draw their mystery, and each of us, especially at a young age just loves various puzzles.Adventure games online offer us one feature, namely unraveling the mysteries in the game.That is in the process of adventure we will not only overcome the obstacles that require response speed and agility to get an assignment, but the ability to think.Only after they pass, you get the opportunity to move to the next level and continue their exciting journey!As we said, each player can appeal to just play.If he does not like to solve mental puzzles, you can choose to adventure, with all the obstacles will be associated only with the shooting, or the overcoming of obstacles, or the accumulation of bonuses, or the search for various items ... Options can be infinite.But adventures can be not only fun, but educational.And cognitive adventure can be for all ages.Children to school after such games can learn to read or to solve problems in the logic.But the most popular adventures are those that relate to search for specific items, such as diamonds, keys, or any artifact.Do not forget, you will be expected to opponents, which will always be to protect the desired thing and get it will not be easy.Will have to show special tactics and cunning to succeed and reach all the right things!