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Many boys from childhood dream to become military generals or great commanders.This was testified to by their game together, when the boys run around in the yard with imaginary machine, construct a shelter, and try to surprise his friends, who do not have time to escape.Fortunately, we live in a time of peace, and choose a military career is not most of today's kids.But in spite of this, many things related to the war remain in the blood of all the boys, including those who chose a different path in life.Especially for them, the developers created a computer war game that allows you to try your hand at the military actions as a soldier or commander, for example, a military doctor.It is impossible to list all the subjects that offer games military.You can, as an ordinary soldier sitting in the trenches, to dodge the bullets, and try to stay alive, fulfilling orders from their superiors.And you can, sit in the headquarters as a real leader, and make strategic decisions that will allow your army to win a difficult war.You can also protect a military base in the open sea.In general, war games online in a virtual world will find themselves in the center of numerous military operations, and on different levels.Military online games offer you and military equipment, and the most different weapons, and military construction, and protective fortifications, and much more.Try your hand at these games!Of particular interest are free war games where you have to command a regiment or army!These games offer you to make strategic decisions to win.You are prepared for the role of the great commander, who was waiting for a victory, and numerous awards and medals.However, you must try to win the war game 2, because they are as close to a real war, and they are known to be very hard to survive.However, a good strategy can allow you to quickly resolve international conflicts, and tactical cunning will defeat the enemy with minimal losses.By the way, many of the games on war based on real historical events, and so allow gamers broaden their horizons and learn a lot from history.In this regard, it is useful to play the game about World War II.However, in recent years often prefer fiction, where you can use a super weapon of the future.In these games, you will find the technical devices that are hard to imagine!But the imagination of game developers the ability of many such discoveries!