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Games for girls nanny

Especially for those people who likes to take care of children, household duties including cleaning and washing dishes, came up games for girls babysitting.They need to express their feelings of care, patience, responsibility, and learn how to care for young children, and sometimes for the little animals.Games are a great opportunity to nurse to check their skills.In them you will learn to work with the child, and it is useful for every woman, because every girl ever become a mother!Sometimes have to take care of and monitor for multiple children.Being a nurse is not easy, but in any case, the skills to communicate and get along with children will be useful in the future!Such games instill responsibility, because if you do not perform their duties, the children begin to cry, and will make every effort to reassure them.Agree, it is better to experience difficulties to look after children in the virtual space than without some training to deal with them in reality.There are games where you have to not only look after the children, but also to do the dishes, wipe the dust and do the cleaning around the house.One of the most difficult games on the subject, this is where you will enjoy all of the nurse work in a noisy and a senior official of a huge family.In his cottage many rooms, and they always something going on.Constantly formed disorder: family members constantly open cabinets, throw clothes, and around dust and dirt.You need to eliminate the chaos over time.Also need to monitor young children to behave well and not screaming.Among other things, the immense need to feed a family for dinner.Despite the apparent complexity, this game is quite addictive and fun.Need to click the mouse in place of disorder, the nurse had time to clean up there.You will gain bonus points if complete cleaning for some time, and even the members of the extended family did not have time to arrange another mess in the house.Sometimes the nurse is required to cheer up a fresh cup of coffee, so she started as quickly as possible and quickly move through the house.Watch for family senior official is very exciting and interesting!Also interesting game where you have to work in a hospital as a nurse and care for children who are ill.Never forget that the children under your responsibility, even if virtual.Do not forget to feed, bathe, and sometimes injections.Also, you have to lay them to sleep!