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Xcraft online - free game for many users of a space style in which the developments taking place in real time. show a detailed description of Xcraft online - free game for many users of a space style in which the developments taking place in real time. The highlight of this game is an incredible combat system. Player plunges into the cosmic world of one of the galaxies in which he will become the ruler of one of the colony, which he soon has to develop and achieve its prosperity. You have to try himself as a builder, merchant, commander of a diplomat. On the road to success you will also need a variety of resources that need to be extracted. Be ready in case of need to join the battle to defend the state, but do not forget about the cooperation and acceptance of the contract with your neighbors. Developing, you seem a little of your possessions, then you need to conquer other territories. To win was for you, you need to get a strong fleet. We assure you that the desire to extend its authority over the entire virtual universe will surely notice when you start playing the game Xcraft. In order to get into this virtual world, you need to register Xcraft, which in time will take a couple of minutes. To do this you need to: - Specify the name of your character; - Indicate the name of your planet; - Click on the button "Start"; - Choose to coca side will play. Now you can safely proceed to the gameplay. Xcraft you can play on your computer, which corresponds to those parameters: - Microsoft Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP - OS; - Pentium 300 MHz processor; - Video Card compatible with DirectX; - 128 MB of RAM. Xcraft game will amaze you with current events, battles, as well as clarifying the relationship including among allies. You will not be bored for a second, because your empire is huge and will need to constantly watch her and develop it, and still need to be different surroundings, to form an army, to explore new territory. Your character will also have to perform a variety of quests and tasks. Online game Xcraft reveal you the ability to think tactically, make wise actions. The main thing is nothing to fear and go straight to your goal! In this project, the player will face three races: the Zerg (xel'naga result of the experiment), Protoss (a new race of which history is silent so far) taerranami (descended from the people of the planet Earth), whose development is necessary to produce different resources. Thus, they are a constant struggle for materials - Building materials (minerals, gas Vespene, metal) crystals Haydarina, Energy. None of the races will not give this booty to their rivals. It should be noted that the new player will be protected for some time, so the game itself Epsilon understand the ins and outs of the gameplay. You will take part in a number of fights and battles, and, of course, to achieve the cherished goal! Good luck to you!
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