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Racing is the original face of the gaming industry.This is probably the most popular genre, and every person, at least once in their lives played great games in this category.And all because of that racing games can combine some elements from almost all the popular genres.After the race - it's not just the competition, where you have to reach the finish line first.In the virtual world, the race can combine the shooting, a police car chase, exploring that hidden away on some part of the track, earning money to improve its technical means, and much more.In addition, racing games can be held in completely different places.That night city with glittering signs, or forests, or the empty highway along the coast, or desert, where there is nothing even similar to the road surface.But the Racing Games offer more and different versions of cars that you can create yourself.You can choose any coloring, any make of car, any wheel, including the most chic.You are free to paint your car, as the aggressive color, and make it look like a classic.Also, do not forget that free race on our site - it's not just race cars.The gaming industry can be found on race bikes in dangerous motorcycles, off-road, on skateboards, on buses, roller skating, snowmobiling, and even on tractors!Now you know what variety you will find in the racing world!Racing is free - it is a real world of smoking tires, hot asphalt and roaring engines!Fans of colorful Hollywood feature films will like the game based on the movie Fast and the Furious, playing in which you can feel cool action hero!In the race to play like growns, and children.Children do not need to wait until they are growns, to plunge into the world of high speed and luxury cars.They can from an early age to play with friends in the race to win races, and shake my wheelbarrow to the highest level!Race - is an awesome experience with the roar of the engine, great speed, and racing in the most dangerous roads.However, remember that you need to be able not only to chase the most maximum speed to win these games!However, to know the traffic rules and principles of the car is not necessary.You are waiting for a real race without rules!Just click on the «Play» and forth into the world of colorful cars!