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Perhaps every girl will always be happy to go shopping if you do not go shopping, then at least to look at the beautiful fashionable clothes, or to enjoy the bouquets.Many people, especially at a young age, represent yourself to be the seller.Flash games shop on our website allow girls to feel like a mistress any store.Through such games any girl, even in very young children can feel as a seller, for example, a flower shop, where you need to compose beautiful and bright bouquets for customers.Games for girls shops can try yourself as a merchant products, or as a seller of clothing.No matter what you have to sell.The main thing is that you need to act quickly and correctly, so as not to turn, and it does all the needs of customers, avoiding possible trouble.If you provide the service shop at the highest level, your virtual wage increase, and you will be able to expand the department store.Toward the end of the game, you can turn a small sales office at the supermarket and manage it!In any case, will have to try to carry out all the tasks on time, and have time to serve customers!What can benefit from these games?For example, if you find yourself in a flower shop seller, you can learn how to create beautiful floral bouquets, decorating them with various accessories and ribbons.Also, these games teach you to grow flowers themselves, as there are levels where required and these skills.If you choose a game where you need to become a seller of clothing store, you have to help the customers to choose the clothes, and follow your own sense of style and taste.This game will help you improve your skills stylist!If you like to be on the seller music store, then you need to understand the music industry updates, have a good ear, and the skills and give customers the best musicians of a certain genre.All such simulators shops very close to reality, so after playing in them, you'll learn the skills a good seller, it is quite possible that you ever need them.Conversely if you only want to buy, that is the game for those who love to shop, buy a lot of accessories and different things.The main thing is you do not have to worry about the amount of money for shopping, because they virtual, and you can buy everything you want!