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Game 4 of the 4 elements

Game 4 of the element has the following background: A long time ago, far, far away, in another time and dimension was one fairyland.Everything was great in this country, but one day, for some strange reason, all the four elements - water, fire, earth, air and rebelled.And fairyland fallen various bad weather: volcanic eruptions, floods, invasions, and piercing cold winds and storms mixed with earth and sand.Many local sorcerers tried to curb the elements, but they did not work.That leaves only one lock on the top of the mountain.Wise wizard who lives there will tell you about your mission.Game 4 elements united in a lot of different genres.Among them it is worth noting: the fascinating genre of "three in a row," everyone's favorite-"I'm looking for," and a lot of quests and puzzles will not let you get bored.The main task of restoring the general ledger of the four elements, ieisyou need to collect 4 cells, two elements - air, earth, and another 2 - water and fire.At the beginning of the quest, and you have to get the key to the magic of this book, it will also help you discover it.When you have access to the books of poetry, you will need, solving a set of quests, tasks, and different puzzles to try to restore the magical pages of the book of the elements, and in place of all of its magic cards.In the process of solving difficult problems or when you find yourself at a dead end, you will come to the aid of a good forest fairy.That always helps you advice on how to complete the level, or tell me where to find your desired item.Only collecting and restoring all of the pages of the book, you will be able to pacify and reassure all 4 elements, it will continue Fairyland live happily and long.As you can see, this game is very interesting, so many players want to find and download the 4 elements to your computer or other mobile device.In this case, they have a great opportunity to play your favorite game in any place and at any time and do not depend on the quality of the Internet connection.But eating well are the people who do not like to download the games, so they prefer to play online 4 elements.Of course, to play onlan you need a constant internet connection, but at this time this is no problem.Virtually all mobile devices are able to access the Internet, and mobile operators have covered almost the entire area, so anywhere you can easily connect to the Internet.According to the above, play in 4 cells in various ways, so every player will be able to choose the appropriate version of the game to him.A large variety of websites can help you quickly find the right option, which is required.