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Previously, most of the time children spend outdoors playing various outdoor games.But progress is not in place, and with the development of technology, the advent of computers in children appeared very different interests, especially in children 6-7 years old.Because at this age they have a great interest in the computer.And since they absorb information more quickly than growns, need to control and limit their desire to play a variety of computer games.But this must be done carefully, because the child is all forbidden even more interest.Therefore, if the child is 7 years old wants to play computer games is not worth it to him to forbid, but just need to find the right game for his age.At this time, problems finding the necessary games for children 7 years you will not have as daily Internet there are more variety of sites on which you can find these games.So find a site, you can access a variety of games, read reviews, and recommendations.And then on the basis of the information already be able to choose the best game for your child, depending on his preferences and your limitations.There are two versions of the game in these games: online games and game-download it to your computer.Which of these options is up to you to choose, both options have their advantages and disadvantages.If you are in search of the necessary baby games, it is better to own view and play online games because they do not need to download and install on your computer.But on the other hand, the online game requires constant internet connection, which is not always possible to do so when you decide to play, you can download it to your computer and then tell the child how to play it, even though the child faster than you can understand it , unless of course she would be interested.It is best to choose games for children 7 years old, which in itself will combine developmental and playability.But these games are not very many, so you have to look good.But if you can find a game that you'll sure that your child is not just playing, but also to acquire the necessary knowledge and still evolving.Of course, it is best that the child was playing educational games, in which the emphasis is on the right a task, but these games are not all children like.Although all developing games designed to address the child's mind and have an age restriction, for example, if your child is 7 years old, he will not do the game for 3 years baby - will not be interesting, but he can not give a game that is designed for 10 - th child.In this case you need to look for is the game for 7 years.