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A distinctive feature of this genre is that the success of the game depends entirely on player reaction.Fast-paced action game story requires your full attention, so as soon as the player is distracted by anything, his character is killed instantly.These games are mainly used various weapons, as their very name - action - comes from the action film in which the hero is constantly struggling with a lot of enemies.Put simply, in games of this genre (shooters, shooters) you need to control a humanoid or human body or a different technique.Now these games have the freedom of movement and action, but the very first game of this genre were linear.Quite often they use the image for easy sight.The founder of the game action is a well-known DOOM, now this word can be called most of the produced games.The genre gained popularity among younger gamers because action game genre has fantastic graphics, and take little time in the passage, almost every computer owner once in my life playing this game.Developers try to produce exactly the most games in the genre of Action, because they have a high demand and good pay off.It is safe to say that the first-person shooter - a leader in the gaming market.In this genre you always act alone, and you can use different weapons, it is directly related to the game, the main goal of destroy your enemies, but there are exceptions.Among the enemies you can meet various characters, ranging from the ordinary people and ending with the alien invaders with tentacles.The success of the games in this genre depends on your attention, speed of response to the action taking place on the screen and your gaming experience.Previously, to find a good game, it was necessary to go to the store and pick up there longer.Now, all very different, the process is much faster.You no longer have to pay money for a game, as at various sites offer free action games, you just need to find such a site.When you find a site where there is the necessary action games, download them you will not be easy.However, some sites without registration does not give you the right to download the games, so you have to register.Almost all of the sites that provide the ability to download games action, have a detailed description of all the games and system requirements for the computer on which you installed this game.Every year, a game of this genre are improved, so the game action in 2011 will be significantly different from the games that were released in 2012.