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BMX - bicycle motocross, a fascinating discipline of cycling.Also the name and type of bike used in the competition.And it was just - bmx game - is the section dedicated to games cycling.This sport appeared in the late sixties of the twentieth century.Children who were not able to participate in motocross riders began to imitate and compete on bicycles, choosing the route as close to the track for motocross.That's why he was called BMX (bornBicycle Moto eXtreme - Bicycle Moto Extreme) Sport has gained immense popularity, and in the early 80's on it began to carry out the official competition, and first world championship.Later, it was decided to include the sport in the number of Olympic disciplines.And in our time, there was a whole section of BMX games.On most of the popular gaming site you can download the game bmx.And feel the real tough sportsman cyclist.In a game of bmx games for free you can experience what they experience a true athlete.That is why so many who want to choose the sites where the games online bmx and similar toys.In these games seem quite real directions BMX sport.A few of these areas.And they are quite different from each other.When racing competitions are held on a dirt track at the fastest ascent of the route.On the track located many turns and obstacles.In "Dance bicycle" to hot-dog on a flat surface.Direction Freestyle combines a few branches.In one of them to ride a special U-shaped ramp.Scat on the one hand, the athlete takes off with the other, and makes the air tricks.In another embodiment, the tricks performed on a dirt track with hills.The third direction of tricks performed in the urban obstacles.Actively used the stairs, railings and faces.Is the direction in between the previous two.Stunts in specially park.There are obstacles made specifically for the competition.Among them, ramps, railings, trapeze, faces, departures and other obstacles.Naturally, this sport attracts people to this risk.To participate, you must have the time, equipment, health and money.But this is not all.And in order to get a little feel like an athlete and free games were invented bmx.They are available to everyone and are located at multiple sites.In the game I can play bmx anyone.