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Hello Kitty - the little white cat, the character of Japanese pop culture.She first appeared in 1974, thanks to the efforts of the company Sanrio.In 1976, already registered the brand Hello Kitty, and then in a few decades there kitty games online.Currently, the brand is actively used for many products.Released animated series and popular games.Toys with small kitten gained wide popularity in Japan and the world, are especially popular hello kitty games online.This kitten came up with the owner of the company Sanrio Shintaro Tsuji.The notion has been very successful.Brand of "Hello Kitty" carries hundreds of millions of dollars annually.Besides cat owner was trying to run the company in the business of two other similar characters.Rabbit and bear.But this idea was not very successful, despite the assistance in this case the entire design team.Now about those brands no one remembers.I must say that, initially, a small white kitten wanted to name "Kitty White" after one of the characters of the book "Alice in Wonderland."But, after deliberation it was decided to focus on the now defunct version.Originally issued cards, wallets and other items with a kitten image.Up until the eighties, the popularity of the character has grown rapidly.but then stagnated.Buyers no longer monotonous like a frozen picture.After that, the picture began to vary.But later it was decided to expand the target audience of the brand.And to try to orient the image to older people.Was invented by the whole family.Kitty appeared mother, father, grandfather, grandmother and sister.Kitty appeared Domashnikov animals.And then Kitty has got both.which was hit with it in the various stories.Now comes a huge amount of goods with Kitty.The little white cat appears on T-shirts, soft toys, testers, toast, antivirus and various other works of human hands.There was a very popular series with this character.Popularity was such that the Ministry of Land, Transport and Tourism of Japan has appointed a cat "tourist ambassador of good will" Naturally, the computer world has not been able to stay away from the influence of this kitten.Kitty now has its own website.And then there were toys with Hello Kitty.These toys have gained immense popularity.But you can find many sites online games Kitty.They are among the most popular computer games of this type.And this is not surprising.For hello kitty games online was a logical and natural extension of a successful career as a popular brand.