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Game lines do not belong to the classic gift of logical games.It was first developed in 1992 by Gamos.In those days, when computers were rare, the company was one of the first Russian game developers.Apart from playing balls (line), the company has become famous gaming company Angles, Balda, Nine and many others.But the balls were her major hit.In the late 90s the company Gamos released one of the first Russian Pilot Brothers quests.The inventors of the game lines - Russian programmers Igor Ivkin, Gennady Denisov Oleg Demin.In the classic version of the field of play consists of a square, each side of which consisted of nine cells.Balls are 7 colors.Each turn, players moving one of the balls in the free field.Such a course can only be done in the event that between the initial and final cell there a free way.If it was possible to establish a par five or more balls, some removed.Balls can be put in a series of horizontal, vertical and diagonal.For each series of remote receive points.The more balls in the deleted row, the more points be allocated.After each turn, the field exhibited three balls of random colors in three random fields.If a turn removed chain of balls, new balls are not displayed, and you can make another move.Feature of the game was the fact that it is impossible to win.It would not have acted in a player, sooner or later he will lose.But the process of pulling the loss is the essence of the game.The first versions of the game were running DOS.Subsequently, the game was ported by Vindouz.Now you can play lines on almost all systems.Fans of the Internet can play in the line online.The game itself also has to exist in various forms.They had different field sizes, different scoring systems, different number of balls and different algorithms for their falling out.In some games, you can see in advance what balls land on the next move.Some even show the field in which they appear.And there were games in which the player was given no prior information at all.One of the well-known interpretation of this game was the lines 98.Which has gained immense popularity.It is widely represented in the Internet, and everyone has the opportunity to lines 98 to play online.In the Russian language in different ways may call these games - balls, lines, or even how some name.The essence remains the same.And the lines and balls games are extremely popular.There is always willing to play ball line online.Play ball line online gaming is possible on the respective sites.