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Sit in a sports car and go.In this case, go to the sight of the road turned into a greased solid mass of gray monochrome color, squeeze the pedal to the metal and race down the highway, take away podnadoevshego away from the bustling city with its constant traffic jams and dopey office clerk on simple cheap credit cars.Or conversely, to drive on the night street overtaking a lot of late-night taxi drivers, and other careless drivers.Probably, this is the dream many?Is the road and the speed you are not beckoning like an invisible image of freedom?Of course in this life nothing is impossible.Public transport or credits completed subway or huge traffic jams in front of his eyes.Unloved by all government cars and ambulances, which make a lot of people stand for hours in traffic jams in the company with the drivers of minibuses or while in their cars.And out of this circle can not escape, because these are the laws of the economy - who can be free, he need not have to be, because the system has enslaved him.Right down to the last thought in his head.And those who still want freedom, never have enough money for the embodiment of their desires into reality.Only virtual reality, though by its own laws, each of us can achieve dreams.In this case, someone needs a tank, and someone extraordinary reyserskoe car.That is why various extreme games are so popular among the residents of the only free society - the world wide web internet.Back in the old days, when the Internet was not developed and did not have such popularity as it is now, the computers was a very popular game Need for speed, which still has a lot of fans, of which there are many wanting to play need for speed online.This simulator life street racer had all the signs of a successful game project.Because, first, in this game all the races take place on the streets of the usual cities, so the usual pattern, although the American towns and cities make the race realistic.The second feature of the game - all cars - we are well aware that we often see on the street.Of course they pumped various tuning and modding, but this is the usual "Mercy" and "fawn".But now with the development of the Internet and the large number and variety of mobile devices, through which you can easily get online, has appeared more willing to want to play need for speed online.This will enable them at any time to enjoy your favorite game: standing in line, being in traffic, etc.etc.