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Worms - all well-known game where small worms that kill each other the most painful weapons.These evil little worms do their best to blow up enemies with the surrounding landscape, and they are patiently waiting for everyone in line.Worms game "Worms" was created in 1995, the British design team consisting of 17 people, and for the Amiga.Worms ...which has a long history of great store by that name.At one time, the game Worms like summed up the whole subgenres and moved him from "amateur movies", in a completely different category of "games made professionally."Idea, to the delight of enthusiastic audience was developing rapidly.Also worth noting is the game schedule and directly, as the latest versions already have cartoon graphics that will not leave anyone indifferent, but the requirements for computers have become more than ever before.Then eating it is not a game, but a kind of cartoon where you have the main role.Those who wish to familiarize themselves with these denser gipermilitaristicheskim mini-masterpiece - easily find where to download them to the Internet.Also, if you want to play online worms, a large number of sites offer this.For this you need to find a site and select the appropriate game.Also, if you prefer, you can download the game to your computer or any other mobile device, most importantly, that the device is supported downloadable file type.Due to the great popularity of the game, at this time there are special portals, totally dedicated to this game.On these portals, you can download different versions of the game, read the reviews about it or just chat with the fans of this game in the forum or learn various secrets of its passage.