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Avatar The Last Airbender game.Game Avatar The Legend of Aang.

Play a game avatar has recently become very popular.It can be found on the set of related sites.It is based on the famous cartoon of Aang.Cartoon world full of magic and martial arts.The main character - a magician Aang air.To save the world, he must defeat the Firelord.But this is not so easy.Need a good master of martial arts and to comprehend the mysteries hidden from the elements.In a world where there is an action cartoon and games, live four people.They are called: the people of the fire, the people of the earth, the water tribe and nomadic air.Each element may be subject only to the representative of the people.Picture an exception to this rule.He is elected.He's the only one who can learn to control all four elements.Fire, earth, water and air.In the game avatar can not play.He needs to fight and win.During the constant wars, which were in the world, magicians fire destroyed all the people of the air.But Aang was accidentally frozen in a block of ice, where it was a hundred years.After waking his main goal - to save the world.He has friends Sokka and Qatar, as well as Zuko and Toph.Qatar belongs to the tribe of water.As expected from her for the post, it is well managed by the water, but, in addition, it can control and blood.Maybe that's because it is a very strong healer.In one series of its art saves lives Aang.Sokka, Katara's older brother.Naturally, he also belongs to the tribe of water.He's a fun guy and fun to learn martial arts.His goal is to prove to everyone that he's a warrior.Toph spokeswoman tribal land.She knows how to manage the land and the metal, and that it teaches avatar magic land.Zuko representative of the tribe of fire.He has long roamed the world in search of the Avatar.He had a long training in preparation for the upcoming battle.But all this was in vain.Avatar game does not accept.He has very different plans.In this world you can not play the avatar.They need to be.And Zuko admits he was right, and soon becomes his loyal ally.He wants to win his father and become a major fire mage.Not surprisingly, this cartoon made a series of games.And many fans to play online, avatar like.Play Avatar The Legend of Aang can be on many sites.Even those who have not watched cartoon avatar The Last Airbender, games like these.Which is not surprising.Games Avatar The Last Airbender is very interesting to do.It is always possible to play online for free avatar.It suffices to find a suitable site where the flash games free online avatar and there is usually present.