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Akinator game developed in 2007 by two French programmers.Its rules are simple.When entering the appropriate site meets gin player, whose name Akinator.The player must think of any character.No restrictions.You can think of anyone.Real person or character of a literary work.The well-known politician, or a neighbor.In general, there are no restrictions.Then begins to play akinator.He consistently gives players twenty questions.For each question there are several answers: "Yes, probably," "part, I do not know", "Probably not," "not at all", "No".After each answer akinator play continues, and sets a new question.Naturally, the question is highly dependent on the player's previous answer.After twenty questions Akinator the answer.Quite often, he guesses.But not always.In this case, it sets a new series of questions and provides a new answer.If, and this time the answer is not correct, Akinator play does not stop, and again asks a series of questions, after which issues a new answer.If after the third attempt, he guesses the hidden character, he honestly admits that can not guess, and requests him to report the correct answer.This is the main highlight of the game.Akinator remembers and stores the final answer your questions.The next time he will know how to respond in such choice questions.Akinator self-learning program.Every day, he knows more, and responds more accurate.And teach him the players themselves.Akinator play begins as follows.First, it sets a rather general questions.Male or female character?Real or imagined, and soetc.The questions that are becoming more and more specific.In Akinatora large database in which it stores as players answer questions.If a player answers coincided with the responses of previous players, it gives them the answer was correct at the time.That's why Akinator asks for a correct answer on an error.The next time he will know the answer and will not fail.Certainly, you can deliberately mislead him.But when tens of thousands of people are playing and there is a huge database to quickly filter out the false answer and will not be considered.Naturally, over time, the program is getting smarter and smarter, and responds more accurate.The more people play it, the more and more accurate in its database.Invented in France, in our time, the game operates in more than ten languages, including Russian.You can use the mobile version of the game.