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The word anime is from the English word "animation".It was borrowed from the Japanese Americans.And widespread.Once, it meant a Japanese cartoon and nothing more.Though even then it was a rather peculiar animation.It was designed for a completely different audience.Published in the form of films and animated series.Plot it could be related to comics, books and simply urban legends.Cartoons different special unique graphical style that makes them not unlike any other.The characters were unnaturally large eyes, a nose and a mouth depict several wavy lines.Time passed and the anime has come to represent a whole stratum of popular culture.In addition to cartoons and comic books, a host of computer games in the genre of anime.These computer games are based on the stories of cartoons and graphics to use them distinctive.Anime cartoons are very popular.Naturally, the game also got anime popularity.Because games are based on cartoons, they are completely different genres.Fighting games are games where you have to fight enemies.There are arcade game where the characters have a lot of running, jumping and climbing.There are many in the genre of anime roleplaying games.In general, the anime genre of games are vast.Animated anime is intended for persons of different sex and age, and may be quite different.Anime games also have kept this feature.There are games for young children, and there are games for growns.There are games for boys, and have anime games for girls.Every one of these games, of course, have their own characteristics.If it's a game for girls, anime, as a rule, has scenes of fights, fights and other atrocities.Many games of this trend is a dress.The player needs to put the main character for a particular purpose.The purpose may be different.Or prom, or exit the Queen, or just walk.There are games where the dressing is without a purpose.Character just need to dress as they wish.But there are other areas of games for girls.Their list is not possible.As in most cases, this genre is always the possibility to play anime games online.In that case, no need to install on your computer any additional software.Enough to have a modern browser and reliable Internet connection.Anime online games are on the set of gaming sites.The choice is usually very high.