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Arkanoid - the famous video game, which appeared before the widespread personal computers.Created a game in 1986, the Japanese company Taito Corporation, engaged in the creation of video games since 1973.To look at the game is quite simple.At the bottom of the screen is the racket, which can move horizontally from one side of the field to the other.Located on top of a few rows of bricks, and between the bricks and the racket fly ball.The player must hit the ball, so that he fell down, got up and hit the bricks.After hitting the ball bricks apart.For a change, there are special bricks, which are destroyed after only a few strokes the ball, at times flying enemies appear, there prizes.In the final, the player fights with the boss.After that, the game is over and you can start again.In the first version had 33 levels.In Arkanoid could play in the four versions of slot machines.In the future, the game began to appear to many that exist in those years of computer systems.Most of which today only remember the experts.She worked for Commodore, Spectrume, Atari, Apple and some Soviet consumer computers.There were at that time and such.Also play an active output, and gaming consoles.Arkanoid became the name of a class of computer games made based on it.They were different rules, number of levels, graphics, but the essence of the game was alone.It was necessary, running racket destroy all the bricks.The game was published under DOS Vindouz, Linux and a host of other computer platforms.In our time, Arkanoid, like the vast majority of computer games can always be found on the Internet.There are a lot of suitable gaming portals, where you can not only play, but also download this game.As always, if you want you can download or play Arkanoid online breakout.In most cases, gaming sites provide breakout free, but in some places you can find these video games, for which the players need money.The choice for the user.Nowadays, a huge number of games.They have the elusive 80 years graphics.They have an exciting plot.They are advertised to all possible means.But the old, seemingly primitive, computer games, too, are not forgotten.They have a huge number of followers.Some of them, sat down on these games in 80 years, as part of an interest in them recently.Because of its very inexpensive, and easy control of Arkanoid well developed on mobile platforms.Where the free Arkanoid are fairly widespread.