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Adventure anime series Bakugan was first shown in Japan in 2007.In the story, the main characters got magic cards, which they began to play in a particular strategic game.Each map has been associated with his monster, who was called Bakugan.For a while it was just a game, but, soon, a mysterious player named Mask Bakugan sent to a new dimension.In that same galaxy from which they came.And there came the war.Subsequently, Bakugan returned with a request for help and former players did not turn them away.The fight continued.It got involved more and more participants.They were taught how to play Bakugan and they were included in the action.Bakugan - the men who live in a galaxy Vestroya.They are divided into six elements: the element of water (Akvosa), the element of Wind (Ventus), the element of Earth (Sabterry), the element of Light (Chaos), Unholy (Darkusa) and the element of Fire (Payrusa).As a result of the cataclysm Bakugan hit the Earth in the form of small balls that can fit in your hand.There they were picked up by people and included in their game.Now came the past three seasons of the series.Each of them are more and more develop the idea.The action in them is transferred to our planet in another galaxy and back to Earth.Each season brings something new and unexpected.Subsequently, there were a board game, and, in the future, and computer games.That is not surprising.Computer gaming world is very sensitive to the popularity of the characters and projects.But many game sites you can find Bakugan games online.In addition to games, the stores you can buy a lot of souvenirs and toys related to Bakugan.The demand for them is quite high.Gifts can be ordered online.In a computer game you can play not only with your PC or laptop, but with a cell phone.At all relevant sites is possible in the Bakugan game play for free.With the passage of these games can be considerable difficulties, but it just makes the game more interesting.In Bakugan games free to play can be anyone.If you do not want to download them to your personal computer, you need to find Bakugan games online and ready to play right in the browser window.It does not matter what the player operating system.This does not affect the game.Game series comes more than a year and still enjoys strong popularity.They are almost all gaming sites, in all possible ways.Starting in the Bakugan game play, many of the players are not held, and continue to play, and all other versions of this interesting game.Which appears more and more.