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Blockhead - the game quite well known, though simple.It was originally a board game, but in our time, the most common in the PC version.The game exists under all operating systems.So there are flash version.Rules of the game are simple and elementary.In the classic version was played on a square field of 25 cells.In a number of the central place or written (if the game was on a simple sheet of paper) any word that has five letters.Each letter was in a separate cage.In other versions of the size of the field may be different, but it should be such that, after writing the first words of the initial number of empty cells remained even.Take turns.Each player places on the game board letter, it should be with letters filled cells.However, it should be a word already used in the field of letters.The word must be a noun.Moreover, in the singular.Proper names are not allowed.It must be produced by the transition to adjacent cells, side, top, or bottom.In some embodiments, the word is permissible drawing diagonally.For every word accrue points.Typically, the letter gives one point.The longer the newly composed word, the more points you accrue.By filling in all the fields the game ends.Naturally, the game there are so many various options.In fact, the right to speak is not a game noodle and noodle games, because it is a complex similar games.Although its origin from one source.After widespread computer game quickly removed on their screens, and eventually became a well-known and on the gaming websites.In the computer world, and there are many variations of this game.You can play with another player, but you can with a computer.There are many websites where you can play online for free Balde.Search engines will be offered for this many people.Most liberal sites provide the opportunity to play Baldev without registration.As with most games you can play online or download bulldozer game to your computer.But in an online game allows you to play noodle with players located many miles away from us.This, of course, talking about the versions of the game, where two players play against each other.The game can be played online noodle with phones.Many versions of the game is entirely possible.Resources, these programs consume little.There is no longer a super heaped graphics.Balda game logic.To win, you need to own logic, to have a good vocabulary and a little luck.However, luck is needed everywhere.