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Genre of sports games has been a long history.He rarely gets out to the most popular games.But he always has an army of loyal fans.Sports games are divided into many directions.There are dedicated to football games, there are dedicated to hockey games, and there are a lot of games on other sports.Important among these are the games dedicated to basketball.For fans of basketball games there are plenty of basketball games of different directions.There are simulations of sports clubs.Player in these games have to assume the role of leader of virtual basketball club.Hire players, train them to change coaches.And keep your club from game to game, from victory to victory, or, if you're not lucky, from defeat to defeat.Player in these games need to go all the basketball championship from start to finish.In some cases, it is possible to carry out sporadic friendlies.In the old days, players had to fight against the computer, but nowadays many people prefer to play online against real opponents.Of course, the game with live opponents much more interesting.On the Internet there are a lot of game servers, forums, clans devoted to PC games of basketball.They attract a lot of users and fans to play basketball online.But basketball computer games are not limited to the above direction.There are a lot of games, the story is a lot easier.There is quite a simple game in which you just need to throw the ball into the basket.But even among these games there are many very different kinds.In particular, there are games where you have to throw on the number of hits, there are games where you have to throw on the path accuracy, and there are plenty of other similar games.There are just simplified versions of football managers.For example, where there are only control the players, but there are no games themselves, and not have to drive the ball across the field.And there are games, fully dedicated himself to the game.In these games, the basketball game itself can be greatly simplified.On the field, can be generally only two players: Batman Superman.Or is there any other similar characters.These areas of sports also have a huge number of their adherents.Currently, there are a huge number of gaming sites from which anyone can download basketball or any other sports game.And in many cases, to download anything not necessary, and the player has the opportunity to play basketball online.