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Initially, Ben 10 - American animated series production.He was released in December 2005 and immediately fell in love with almost all viewers.The protagonist of the cartoon Ben Tennyson ten during school holidays, goes to rest on nature.At first nothing portends special adventures, but, suddenly, the situation is changing.In the forest, he finds an alien device Omnitriks.It looks like the device wristwatch.With this device, Ben can turn into one of the 10 superheroes.Each of these supregeroev has unique abilities.Ben has become a defender of the planet Earth and fight many enemies and invaders.Subsequently, he has to face the Vilgaks supervillain who wants to take over not only our planet, but also the entire universe.Popular cartoon heroes were soon transferred to the screens of computer games.One of the first was released in 2007 and was called "Ben 10: Protector of Earth."The player in this game was playing for Ben Tennyson.He had to fight with many enemies, and save our planet from peril.But on the first version of Ben 10, the game is not over.Soon was presented as a continuation of the old game Ben 10 Alien Force.Those who want to play Ben 10 have to as well as in the previous version, to fight numerous enemies of the planet.In this game manufacturers have not stopped, and in our time can be in a completely different versions of Ben 10 games to play on different websites and portals.Online Games Ben 10 are usually based on the flash, and relatively simple.As already mentioned, there is a more complicated version.But want to play Ben 10 online more prefer relatively malonavorochennye and short game.But this does not mean that online play Ben 10 is very simple.Very often have much to sweat and try to beat the game to end.In the first versions of the games on the cartoon were many villains trying to fight the good.Heks - magnetic puppet in which possessed a ghost.Those who will have to play online in the Ben 10, falls happiness meet everyone.Among the assistants of the hero will Grandpa Max, who is a former "Medic Space" and a fighter against evil.And the main character Ben 10 games to play, with its mascot, will be able for the various aliens: Cannonball, Vine, Man-Fire, Strongman, Bug, Ghost, Humanoid, Lightning, Plasma, Wild dog, Diamond.Currently, there is a possibility to play Ben 10 online.Sometimes the game is called in English, and it has become a slang players who can also speak a mixture of English and Russian: "Play ben 10."