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Business game - a very popular form of gaming.At the same time, we can say that these games are the only computers belonging.Back in the pre-computer era was known board game business.Games of this class can be quite different.Some of them - economic strategies.Part of the life simulator businessman or business organization.These concepts can include learning games dedicated real business.Business game in the form of economic policies is well known, as a rule, they are similar to conventional strategies.But in business strategies are no wars, there are all focused on the economy.Usually these games are devoted to the activities of a commercial firm.But not necessarily.This may be the historical strategy on the development of a state.A game can be a business devoted to the activity or the mafia gangsters, and even a pirate on the life of the republic.Of course, after all, the most commonly used name of the business game is a product in which you need to develop your firm and fight the market to competitors.In our time, it is possible to play these games online business.And if no such desire, you can play alone on a personal computer.Another significant area of ​​business games are simulations of firms.The player can start their lives in these games, as the seller, and go all the way to the millionaire and the director of a large company.Activity, which is devoted to the game can be quite different.For example, if the business playing field for girls, the game can be devoted to fashion shops.Have to go through all the steps of the career ladder.As a seller you need to properly lay out the goods and to communicate well with customers.In the role of the designer to develop a new successful and fashionable clothes.And as a director of the company to plan long term business strategy and competed.Games for boys, in this case, can be devoted to, for example, the gun shop.As in all cases, it is possible to play games online business simulations.Among them there are, where the area of ​​the online games business.These games need to develop internet projects and earn money from them.The popularity of these games is understandable.In the online business game for free you can experience what it feels big boss, big business tycoon.And the Internet can play with live opponents, with a live, human thinking.Therefore, in the game to play online business is much more interesting than a computer.In business for free games you can play on virtually all gaming sites.