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Game dedicated to boxing fans have long been known sports.They were popular during his primitive consoles.But have not lost their popularity in our time.These games are quite different in specificity, complexity, and directions.The simplest games are a simple version of virtual massacre, where two opponents strike each other blows until one of them wins.Naturally, among these games is not only boxing.In this genre, there are games dedicated to karate, wrestling, MMA and just fights.The level of complexity and realism of games vary.It could be a game with a third person, and with a view from the eye athlete.In some cases, the graphics were rather primitive, and in some a realistic film-like.Realism could get to that, after a successful strike partner, the screen began to bleed.Disturbing to see an athlete, as often happens in a real boxing match.But in this version of the game box always came down just to fight.Another line of boxing games was, in fact, the sports manager simulation.We had to manage weight boxers.In some cases, due to the thousands of soldiers came.It was necessary to organize competitions, fights tournaments.Hire soldiers, train them.Stand together to fight against rival clubs.Heal after injury.In some games, you can stay in the ring by the judge.However, even in those games, as a rule, it was possible to fight for yourself.Participate in fight a duel, as in the simpler games.The choice was a player.In our time, these games continue to grow, improve your graphics and realism.Boxing game so far are loved players.New versions are usually greeted with rapt interest.As with most games, most of the game for fans of boxing games moved to the Internet.Starting with the setting-up game.In our time, no need to run to the shops looking for the correct drive.All can be found on the Internet.On gaming sites in large quantities you can find free boxing game.Difficulties usually is not there.If you want, you can just find on faylohranilischah boxing game and free.You can use the services of torrent trackers.There must be created to take on the basis of the game torrent and Boxing can be downloaded without any problems.Boxing game for free and can be found on simple sites dealing with flash games.There are also quite common and available to play for everyone with no money and registration.