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Computer games devoted to the hospital long been known.Usually, they are economic simulation.In these games, you want to control health care provider, to select medical personnel and, of course, to treat patients.At the same time, there are games and arcade type.And in some games to start a career with a nurse or nurse.And most tend to the sick, give medication, change clothes, later diagnosed.During the game, the hospital is developing and changing.In the beginning it can be a seedy bolnichku on the outskirts of the city, but, gradually, through the efforts of the player, it grows into a modern medical center, known all over the world.A mixture of economic business strategy and simulation for patient care in these games makes its own unique atmosphere.Teia games are quite serious.And, not to go into too much drama, the authors are usually flavored game humorous, often black.For example, in some games, it is recommended to expel hopeless patients die home, not to interfere in the statistics.A disease patients can be quite humorous.You can also find doctors to save more cheaply, or to appoint doctors cleaners.What's bad for the quality of treatment, but will make a serious saving money and resources.Some games are generally devoted to a mental hospital.And the atmosphere of the game in their respective.Wacky situations occur at every step.But do not think that all the games are so cynical.Many of them are pretty good and cute.Player tries to improve the quality of the staff and provide them with decent working conditions.This in turn affects the quality of good treatment.Sometimes things just happen as part of the nurses who have to care for the sick.It can also be quite exciting.Hospital for the game, the operation on the patient is not required.Diseases can be fairly easy or very difficult.As a game for girls, a hospital in the latest versions work well.These games are good and developing.They do not have any elements of violence.Hospital free games can be found on many Internet sites and portals.As online games have long been known to the hospital.You can assemble the entire team of players and compete with a hospital in another city.If you need to find games for girls free, beautiful hospital and a reasonable choice.Free games hospital very often, do not require installation on your computer, they can be played directly from a browser.You just have a good and reliable internet connection, that in our time is possible.