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Computer games are a dedicated bowling simulator game and this sport very popular.Bowling name comes from the English word to bowl - roll.Modern bowling appeared in the late nineteenth century.It evolved out of the game bowling.The meaning of the game is to knock down ten pins placed in a triangle the least amount of shots.For throwing a special ball that hurl hands.Bowling has become a popular attribute of mass culture.He was repeatedly seen in the movies.Naturally, it also exists in the form of computer games.In the CBT bowling quite diverse.Very often they are trying to replicate as closely as possible a real bowling alley.In these games, often, players live a lifetime athlete from beginner to champion.In addition, there are a large number of simulations of bowling in which the player must manage the club, competitions, players train and organize tournaments.These games are close to economic strategies.Besides these relatively complex gameplay games, there are plenty of others, but on the game itself.In the simplest version, the screen contains the pins on which the player must make a shot.It can be two-dimensional toys in which the entire field can be seen from above.And there may be quite advanced, three-dimensional games, fully simulate the view from the eye player.The game can be fully complied with the rules of the classic bowling, and may be used and their heavily modified rules.In addition, there are variations of these games, invented based on the classic bowling.These games do not need to knock down the pins, and most other obstacles.It can be a zombie, alien, or anything else.Currently, free bowling game can be found on most gaming sites.And, as a rule, a very large number of options.They can be based on the flash or in any other popular technologies.Download game bowling is also not difficult.Typically, gaming sites provide the opportunity.In some cases, you can also use a special file sharing.In the real world in the bowling game to play, as a rule, taken on the money.In computers, on the contrary, prefer to enjoy the bowling game for free.Therefore, these games can be recommended for players of all ages, from young to old.Control in these games rather intuitive and requires a long addiction.Using a mouse or some of the most comfortable keyboard.