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Bratz dolls were introduced in 2001.There are four friends - Jade, Sasha, Chloe and Yasmin.Then there were other friends and girlfriend.Has grown over the whole industry.You can purchase any of the dolls girlfriends, but also their friends and girlfriends.You can buy clothes for them and all kinds of accessories.Sale and decor items.You can buy a small dog or cat.Bratz dolls for existing cars, houses, swings, furniture.You can buy a horse, and a picnic.The industry is developing more and more by providing different opportunities.In 2007 came the film "Bratz", with the slogan, "It is not dolls."Where the main characters were four young girls with well-known names of all the fans of Bratz: Yasmin, Jade, Cloe and Sasha.According to the plot of this film, four girls pass goes to a new school, which will soon come into conflict with the daughter of the director.Soon to start a talent contest and friends want to participate.The daughter of the director is trying to stop them.But in spite of all obstacles, they go to the competition and take on it first.In addition to the film there is a lot of cartoons on this four inseparable friends.In the cartoon girls also in school, get into a magical land, preparing for the prom, take part in school plays and experiencing a lot of other unusual adventures.Over time, friends Bratz appeared in the world of computers.Computer games with their participation may vary by subject.In this case, the most popular dress up games Bratz.Like all games for girls, Bratz dress up beautiful, easy to use and does not require any training.However, for fans of the game bratz, dress is not the only way to meet with his characters on a computer screen.There are puzzle games, included in Series bratz, coloring and games.Games are not directly related to dress up, but only with the selection of makeup and hair styles.But it is the game bratz dress up the most popular games of the series dedicated to famous girlfriends.They are easy to find on the Internet, where they are present in almost any serious gaming site.They can be played online or downloaded to your computer.You may want to find a dedicated website, where the game for girls and dress up bratz there will always occupy a well deserved place.With the increasing spread of the Internet games bratz dress up becoming a big fan.The range of games dedicated to the world is growing by the day, as well as the number of fans of these games.