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Batman is one of the most famous superheroes of all time.He first appeared in the comics in 1939.In the so-called Golden Age of comics.About computers in those days did not think even science fiction.In spite of this hero is not forgotten in our time.First, he was one of the most popular comic book characters.Subsequently, he became the hero of TV series and movies.And in our time, a lot of games, which has a Batman.When he appeared, not even a TV, not just the Internet, and now we can play Batman games online.There is a whole industry of selling toys Batman Batman dedicated, movies and games.In the story Batman is billionaire Bruce Wayne, who will prepare himself for battle, wearing a bat costume and take to the streets of the city to fight the criminals.The events take place in the fictional American city of Gotham.Among his fellow butler Alfred, partner Robin and Police Commissioner James Gordon.And he confronts a group of super villains.Gradually, against him playing the Joker, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Two-Faced, Catwoman and other such characters.Batman himself has fantastic superpowers and wins only by his intellect, character, skills, espionage and martial arts.Comics have always had great popularity, and Batman was selected second (after Superman) in the list of the most popular comic book characters.Batman became a truly iconic character.In California, there is even a theme park dedicated to the world of Batman.Was created Batman television series dedicated to, and, in 80 years of feature film, has given a new impetus to its popularity.And in our time to shoot the film about this hero.He has not been forgotten in the world of computer games.Batman games a huge amount of different genres.Among them there are role-playing games, shooting games, adventure games.There are quests devoted to Batman, and just play - fighting.Superhero Batman has penetrated into other types of computer games.He plays basketball, soccer, racing, and other various competitions.But any game with OSI are extremely popular.Games go on computers and in different kinds of gaming consoles.And, if you have the Internet, you can play games online Batman.Internet sites allow you to play for free online Batman.Simple game based on the Batman dedicated flash and does not require installation on your computer.You can play games online free Batman.Their popularity has not abated, as it does not fall of the hero, who for more than 70 years.Probably, and 70 years later, amateur games online Batman would be popular.