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At a time when very often have to spend their time in the main city of gray houses and monotonous streets, sometimes so eager to get out into the countryside.To be in the field, to be a farmer, to communicate with animals.And grow your small independent business.Apparently, it was thought of such a thing programmers when developing their games Funny Farm.The plot is simple games.Need time landowner and raise cows, sheep, geese.Sell ​​products to the urban market, and perform related tasks with the plot.This simple story was immensely popular.Already there is news in the release of the game Farm Frenzy 4.Three previous version went to cheer.Those who started playing Farm Frenzy is the first version later become fans Farm Frenzy 2.Later they began to play Farm Frenzy 3.And now they have the opportunity and the game Farm Frenzy 4 play online.However, Farm Frenzy 3 play online, too, was very popular.And in any version of Farm Frenzy can be played online and fully accessible to all.But now, for everyone who loves to play, Farm Frenzy 4, one of the most important innovations.It crossed many fans of the game Farm Frenzy 3 and get great pleasure from the game.The game's plot, as mentioned is not complicated.This economic strategy dedicated to the village business.Grow food, grow animals.Sometimes kicking against bears and wild boars.And even put them in a cage and exhibited at the zoo.And then gradually appear bakeries, textile mills and other profitable businesses.The game has a lot of imitators.There is a version of the game, where the action takes place on the estate Vikings.Despite the medieval surroundings, and warlike character, the essence of the game is the same.Amateur play onlan in Farm Frenzy 3 even have to be retrained.There is a version of the game where there are zombies and vampires.Garden and the farm they also appropriate.But the essence of the game does not change.Good players in Farm Frenzy, and there will quickly understand and defeat the enemy.Different versions of this fascinating game widely available on the gaming websites.If desired, it is easy to find a place where you can play online for free Farm Frenzy.In various forms, like a Viking, and you like, and in the classic version of Farm Frenzy play free online.Appeared to play online for free Farm Frenzy in a phone, the mobile version.Is no longer necessary and the large computer.The choice of the player.Play online in Farm Frenzy, you can from your computer, laptop or phone, depending on your preference.