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Winx Club - Italian animated series has become famous all over the world.In Russia, it was originally called Winx.Subsequently, there was an official Russian name of the cartoon and created one of the first, the game Winx Club - Winx.The main characters of the series and games - girl fairies.They team up to save the world from evil forces.Their own problems to solve it too do not forget.Bloom, the main character of the series Winx, she accidentally discovers that fairy.Soon she enters the world of fairies, where he began studying at Alfea, a special school for fairies.There, she, along with her fellow students, founded the Winx Club.It is their adventures then entered the game Winx, which are extremely popular.Animated series was shown in more than 130 countries, and Russia has been one of the most popular TV shows.He repeatedly.Subsequently, there were devoted to the cartoon Winx Club - Winx games.But the popularity of the Winx Club fairies was not limited animation and computer world.Was put musical Winx Club, held throughout Europe.Was organized by the ice show "Winx on Ice".Released animated show.In Germany, published several volumes of books dedicated to the Winx.A computer games on this topic, there is a huge number.Success, devoted to the events of the first season, playing Winx Club - Winx, a feat publishers to create a series of games.Ranging from serious game projects, to the simple flash toys available on many Internet sites.Dedicated to the TV series Winx Club Winx games are very diverse.You can find a puzzle game in which to assemble a picture over time.And a game in which you need to remember the ingredients and prepare the right potion.There are games where the fairies from the Winx Club save their pets from evil sorcerers.Popular dedicated Winx, games, coloring pages.And the result can be printed.Play for care need to find all the differences between the images.There are dress up games, and games in which to consider the design of nails and makeup.There are arcade games, where you have to ride on a sled or flee from the villains.And, to the services of those who do not like such an extreme, sports, the purpose of which - growing flowers, or distributing ice cream to children.And it's not all games dedicated Winx fairies.Among them are love tests, and adventure games, and many other areas of computer games.Many gaming sites offer a great choice for all fans of Winx.