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Winx Club - Italian cartoon about a magical land inhabited by fairies.Easy Earth Girls Bloom lives in Gardenia, and for a long time does not suspect that she fairy.But one day she meets a fairy, which was attacked magical monsters.Bloom helps her, and it turns out that she is endowed with magical powers.Then she gets to the magical land of Magix, where he began studying in a special school for fairies Alfea.Bloom and Stella (the name of the rescued heroine fairy) create in this school Winx Club, joined by their new friends: Musa, Flora and Tecna.The girls have to fight the witches of Cloud Tower.Those who want to get a great magical power of Fire Dragon.First, they think that this power lies in Stella's magic ring, but then it turns out that this very strength lies in Bloom.Begins a long struggle.Witches take in Bloom its power, but with the help of friends, Bloom, in the end wins.After this encounter, she realizes that is the strongest in the whole magical fairy world.Later, Winx struggling with more and more powerful enemies.And more and more to increase his powers.Gone through the training Winx become teachers in the school of magic Alphaeus.And then, the principal Faragonda shows Winx Magic Hall.There fairies learn about Beliviks, the highest form of magic.And it was in connection with the attainment of this form of magic they experience the most exciting adventures.And for fans of the game Winx beliviks usually the most exciting adventure.Many of the dolls in the series Winx called Beliviks.What was the cause of many games odevalok and the like.As a game for girls Winx biliviks widespread in many countries.At the time of acquisition Beliviksom Bloom has already scored a victory over the ancient witch, Trix, Lord Darkar and Valtorom.But, this time, she will face a completely new magicians.She has to go back to Earth, the same city Garndeniyu, where she once lived.Creators of the game Winx biliviks pay attention to this episode work.Bloom finds Beliviks, finds the last earthly fairy and saves her from the enemy.Together, they fly away to a magic school Alfea.Games Winx beliviks very popular on the Internet at gaming sites.Websites focused on games for girls, Winx biliviks are required.Games are diverse, easy to manage, and, in most cases, does not require installation, allowing the game in Olaine.Naturally, the game Winx Biliviks not only among the many games Winx.There are other varieties.