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Computer Action Winx created by Italian multserialu "Winx Club - Winx" is very popular.They are on most gaming sites located on the Internet.Their popularity is growing more and more.Animated series on which these games are created, dedicated to adventure fairy girls enrolled in school fairies Alfea.The most famous of them, Bloom was born on the planet Earth and has long been unaware of his magical abilities, and even did not know about the existence of fairies.But one day she had to make sure that fairies exist, and it is one of them.Bloom enters the magical land of Magix, where he began to study in Alfea, a special school for fairies.Together with her friends: Flora, Stella, Musa and Tecna and they form the Winx Club.It is their focus on the game and adventure rpg Winx.Her friends are fighting against the evil witches of Cloud Tower and defeat them.In the future, they are introduced to a new fairy Leila, helped save the miniature feechek held captive at Lord Darkar.Lord himself is trying to seize the magic code, parts of which are hidden in the school of magic and small settlements feechek.Bloom repeatedly hits the magical power of the forces of Lord Darkar, but pulled out from under his power, and in a battle wins.Winx next enemy is Valtor, an ancient magician, created by three witches.In combat they are raised to a new level of magic.Later Winx fairies have to save the planet, where the kingdom Domino, returning to Earth to save the last terrestrial fairy, and experience a host of other exciting adventures.Popular heroes not long remain solely the property of the TV screen, and soon became the heroes of gaming.Games of this series are completely different classes and areas.On many sites you can find free rpg Winx and other games.They can be devoted to different episodes stories of fairies, have different levels of complexity, and belong to different genres.Adventure games, where you have to walk a lot, meet with the enemy and constantly trying to get out of difficult situations, it is very popular.Winx Adventure can be downloaded for free from a variety of specialized gaming sites.If you want, you can play right here.With good access to the Internet it is possible.These games are built in Flash and do not depend on the power of your computer and operating system.In some of the games you can play with your cell phone.On the site represents an opportunity to play for free Winx Action necessarily included in the assortment.Those wishing to play is always there.