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The most popular doll for girls in recent years - Winx Bratz Barbie.If Barbie doll appeared in 1959, the Winx and Bratz are relatively new.Already in our millennium and became very popular.All the dolls sold a lot of accessories, clothes, and other toys.For the first Barbie doll began to produce entire collections on various topics.Then the doll has got friends and girlfriends.Subsequently, this example was followed by other manufacturers.In 2001, the first time there were four Bratz dolls: Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha and Jade.They also soon acquired a large set of doll accessories.Including clothing, cars, swings, houses, furniture and many other items.And they have a girlfriend, friends and pets.Later about Bratz feature film was shot and numerous cartoons.Winx appeared a few years later in the cartoon series "Winx Club - Winx."Cartoon had got many sequels, and in shops around the Winx dolls.Winx girls are five fairies: Bloom, Stella, Tecna, Musa and Flora.They learn in school fairies Alfea and fight with many evil sorcerers.They experience many adventures and have themselves become teacher in the school.All three of these famous brand includes a range of different goods and products.There are cartoons, dolls, toys.And, of course, there are computer games devoted to these characters.On the set of gaming sites you can find free games Winx and Bratz.They are completely different genres.Distributed games dress up games, where you have to dress their characters, selecting them suitable outfits.Puzzle game in which you need for a limited time to solve the problem.Games, coloring pages, the result of which you can then print.There are games on the care, where necessary to compare images.There are many arcade-brodilok in which she got to go to his goal to overcome difficulties and fighting enemies.There are games in which to care for small pets.Barbie games Winx and Bratz in something similar, but there are differences between them.Fans of these characters are to play in their games.Where do they like most characters.Winx and Bratz Games provide an opportunity to play for totally different characters.All these games are free of violence and cruelty.As a game for girls Winx, Bratz and Barbie - is a reasonable choice.They can play for free on many game sites, or, if you want, download to your computer