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Recently, the game Winx Club are gaining in popularity.Winx heroine of the famous Italian cartoon "Winx Club - Winx."Chief among them a young fairy Bloom, 16 years living on the planet Earth, but then she suddenly discovers a fairy from the country Magix.She returns to the country and begins studying at a magic school alpha, which, along with four girlfriends: Stella, Musa, Flora and Tecna, Winx Club forms.During training, they experience a lot of adventures.They are fighting against the evil witches who are trying to seize power Dragon Fire, which is owned by Bloom.Later protagonists come to their home planet Domino Bloom, and save it.Subsequently Winx fairies fight against Lord Darkar, who tried to capture the magic code that gives great strength.All of these adventures are the basis of many different genres of computer games.Dedicated to the Winx Club games are very popular.Sometimes they are called in the English version - winx club game.They can be directly related to the plot and the animated film about a fight with a large dark wizards.Since ancient witches and their creation Valtorom.Or describe the Winx Club travel to Earth in order to save the last terrestrial fairy.But Winx Club games can not communicate directly with the plot cartoon, but just to give an opportunity to meet with your favorite heroine.There are games, coloring books, games, puzzles.Game where you have to take care of pets and treat friends.Fantasy authors are not limited by anything.The main thing is that they are associated with the club heroine.There is a significant number of games-brodilok where to find the necessary items, always go to the final, and to be always ready to fight against the enemy.Winx club games are widespread on the Internet.In sites where the games for girls, online Winx Club is always presented.Game, in this case, is usually written in Flash and do not require installation on the home computer of any programs.However, if desired, the fans of the game Winx Club can always download them and to yourself, to be able to play in the absence of the Internet.Games for girls winx club have no elements of violence and suitable even for young girls.Therefore, the Winx Club games have great popularity and do not cause rejection of the multitude of admirers.In addition to cartoons and games are popular Winx dolls.Which, in our time, many manufacturers produce.Their selection is large and diverse, just need to find a suitable site and choose the one you like best.