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Winx Club became known after the cartoon series "Winx Club - Winx."The cartoon tells the story of a girl Bloom, who suddenly found himself a powerful fairy, and went to school fairies Alfea, located in the magical world of Magix.In this magical world she's going through a lot of adventures.Combats Ancient witches and created them Valtorom magician.Save the planet Domino, where I came from her real parents.Protects the magic book from the evil sorcerer Lord Darkar.She subsequently returned to Earth, but only in order to rescue the planet Earth last fairy.After this, the highest level of Bloom masters of magic available to the fairies.He called Beliviks.All of these adventures she experienced not one, but together with his girlfriend, who was in school Alfea.Together with Flora, Musa, Tecna and Stella, they create Winx Club.As a part of that and experience all the exciting adventures.After the release of animated films, friends of the Winx Club became popular as dolls and souvenirs.To us have produced a huge range of accessories, clothing, household items, doll houses and other toys.Soon it all boiled over in the world of computing.And a large number of computer games on Winx fairies.Games are completely different genre.They differ in terms of complexity and playing patterns.There are dress up games Winx, which need to find clothes for your favorite characters.There are games, coloring pages, where you want to paint a picture, and then you can print it.There are puzzle games Winx.There are games for attentiveness.Created many brodilok dedicated fairies, many arcades.A lot of other games where the Winx fairies have to deal with a variety of things.All of them can be easily found on the Internet at the respective sites.Winx dress up games are the most popular.They are there for all the fairies from the Winx Club, and there are very different types and complexity.Winx dress up games can be found on many specialized websites.As a game for girls Winx Dress fit perfectly.They contain no violence, they are beautiful and easy to operate.In many cases, for the game quite a mouse.These games can be downloaded to your home computer, but, in many cases, it is not necessary.They are designed so that they can work directly in the Web browser.So they are independent of the state of your computer and do not need to configure and install them on the new computer software and drivers.