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Puzzle games are widely distributed on the Internet, which is not surprising.As a rule they do not have great size and low system requirements.They can be played directly on the websites without downloading to your computer.Games are for children completely different age and sex.However, there are differences in what specific game for anyone created.Perhaps the most famous puzzle is for girls Winx.They are based on the famous cartoon series "Winx Club - Winx", which goes for several seasons.Main characters of the cartoon fairy-girlfriend Bloom, Settle, Flora, Musa and Tecna are experiencing a lot of adventures, during his school fairies Alfea.They conclude an alliance, known as the Winx Club.And all the while completely inseparable.They support each other in all the aspects of his life.During his studies at the school, they gradually acquire more and more high levels of magic and fight more powerful enemies.They fight with the witches of the Dragon Fire, rescue miniature feechek, protect a magic book from the sorcerer Lord Drakar.Save the planet from destruction Domino.Naturally, the girlfriends of these, a large number of computer games.Winx fairies are in games, adventure games, games, dress up games, coloring and a host of others.But apart from that of fairies girlfriends, a large number of puzzles, including a significant place Winx puzzles.Games of this genre are very colorful, and specially designed for children.Typically, you just hold the mouse to understand the operation.Winx puzzle game may refer to one of the fairies, or all at once.They can also be dedicated to one of the episodes of the series with the corresponding picture.They usually consist of 6 or 9 components, but there are more complex.In some cases, to simplify the assembly there is a picture, but in some cases it is absent.You can select the game of your choice, depending on the desire.Sites in the Internet makes it possible to play free puzzle Winx.No need to register and do not need to download anything.Winx puzzles available online.You just go to the site and, as a rule, you can play.Just need to choose your favorite version of the game.Free Winx puzzles help children to once again plunge into the world of your favorite animated series.Already there are dolls and souvenirs Winx.Now there are computer games dedicated to the Winx Club.Their popularity is growing day by day, and the number of different games is increasing.In the near future there will be a completely new versions of these interesting games.