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The famous TV series "Winx Club - Winx" for several seasons, is one of the most popular animated films.The plot of his life devoted girlfriends fairies, magic school students in Alfea.During training, they overcome many obstacles and experience many adventures.Russian television showed the four seasons of the animated series, dedicated to four different adventures Winx.Winx Season 5 is devoted to new istoryaim uchastime girls with fairies.The first season of talks on how to live in the world of sixteen girl Bloom, who once helps fight off enemies princess Stele, while she discovered magical abilities.It turns out that Bloom Fairy, and she soon went to another dimension learns magic.At school, she meets her friends, which forms the Winx Club.In Winx Club includes Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna, and Flora.They work together in all four seasons of animated film.And I wish the new Winx 5 season will see them again, see and experience together with exciting adventures.With each season girlfriends growing, and there are ever more powerful enemies, who, despite everything, are winning.They can not be stopped by the witches or wizards, or even dangerous opponents do not possess magic.Perhaps this is why TV series has not lost its popularity.All seasons of the show can be found on the Internet.And at the appropriate time to see and Winx season 5 online.The most impatient can watch it in English, but if you do not hurry, you can see Winx 5 season in Russian.Free Winx Season 5, obviously, a lot of interest to fans of the series, which in large quantities buying toys dedicated to the Winx Club and play computer games with your favorite characters.Computer games Winx huge variety of different genres.Action games, coloring games, puzzle games and more.They can be downloaded for free from various gaming sites.Find Winx Season 5 free too is not impossible.To do this, you need to carefully follow all the relevant sites that are fanatf and fans of the Winx Club.Which clearly aware of where and when you can watch Winx season 5 online for free.But not only the TV series and video games known for Winx Club.Sold a large number of souvenirs and Winx dolls.They can buy a variety of accessories and add-ons.The number and variety of them more and more increasing.Popularity of the Winx Club does not fall, and is only growing.