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Game dedicated to animated TV series "Winx Club - Winx" are gaining in popularity.They are devoted entirely different episodes of the cartoon.Being shot, for several seasons.The main character, Bloom, a simple earth girl.Which is up to 16 years of living in our world in Gardenia.But suddenly, she finds herself in the magical forces and falls into a magical world Magix.Where he began studying at the School of fairies Alfea.In this school, she and her girlfriends formed Winx Club, which participates in all the adventures that take place in the film.They struggle with many evil sorcerers.But do not forget to solve their personal problems.At school, the fairies they perceive different levels of magic skill.Initially, they simply become fairies.This is the power they have innate and manifested through force of will.They have a bright and shining wings fairy costume.In the second season episode of the Winx Club girlfriends grasp Charmiks level.To do this, they need to step their weaknesses.After the attainment of this power they can operate their magic in many dimensions.The third level of magical power, which perceives the fairies from the Winx Club - Enchantix.This is an important transformation, which resulted in the magical powers of the fairies are greatly increased.This level is very difficult to comprehend.But at this level, and they are the most interesting adventure.At this level, they are fighting against the sorcerer Valtora created by ancient witches.They have to go for water star to defeat your enemy.In addition, at this level, Winx save the planet Domino, which is homeworld Bloom.Naturally, for the creators of the game Winx Enchantix one of the most interesting episodes.That he devoted a significant amount of toys.That it involves the largest number of jobs.Winx Games Winx Enchantix one of the most popular gaming websites.They can easily download to your computer or, if you wish, to play directly on the Internet, not bothering to install additional software and configuration of your computer.It is only necessary to have a good Internet connection.Games for girls Winx Enchantix fairly simple to operate, beautiful and very diverse.They are there different kinds.This adventure games, and puzzles, and dress up games, and coloring.They have different levels of difficulty, so you can choose to play at a different age and a different gameplay experience.You can find them on most gaming sites.In addition, there are specialized sites devoted entirely to the heroines of the Winx Club.