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Volt game based on the famous cartoon of the same name.The protagonist of the cartoon dog named Volt takes part in the shooting of the adventure television show.On a plot of the show dog is endowed with superhuman abilities.It should have a laser-shooting eyes, can outrun missiles, break through the wall.The director made the show so that V himself to believe that he really has such hit.But in fact, all of these abilities only the use of modern technology and installation.Once V escapes with TV studio and first enters the real world.He tries to act as a force at the show, but soon realizes that his sverhsopobnosti only fiction.He did in fact not be.He has to act as a simple dog.His goal is to find his owner, who only loved him.In this way he will experience a lot of adventures.But it does not stop at nothing.He understands that the superpowers in life is not important.He met with the cat Mittens and Rhino the hamster, and together they go to their goal.To do this, the heroes have to go through the whole continent, from New York to Los Angeles.Volta able to return to her mistress in the most critical moment, and save it in a fire.After that, it ceases to act in television and peaceful lives with their owners.Cartoon gained tremendous popularity.On it were written the book.Produced toys, and, of course, came a lot of computer games.Volt free games can be downloaded from a large number of gaming sites and portals.Games about this character is very diverse.There are a number of arcades brodilok.There are puzzles, dedicated Volt.There are puzzle games and coloring.They are designed for different age groups and different levels of computer skills.Regardless of the genre, free games volts are very popular.Download game V is easy.Any Internet search engine will provide a choice of a lot of options.There may be even difficult to choose.After the success of the cartoon and the first game, the developers did not stop and continue to produce new products for the entertainment.Continuation of the first series of games are the games volt 2.They also gained immense popularity.Every day go more and more options.Current online games are available for many ages.When you play online there is no need to install the game to your computer.One need only go to the relevant gaming site and you can play at once.The popularity of these games is very high.