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Vormiks or worms - a cult series of computer games that goes back to 1994.Over the years the game has changed and modernized.A huge number of its variants.In the classic version on the worms were located, armed with lethal weapons (from baseball bats to the atomic bombs).Between them is a war.Each turn, the worms cause damage to enemies.And so it continues to win.In fact, this version of turn-based strategy.Each of worms has a certain amount of health.If it hit the enemy hit points are removed.Supplement health by using the kits.Each team is given time to move.The choice of weapons is very diverse.There is usually a weapon: a shotgun, a submachine gun.gun, grenade, rocket, mine, dynamite, grenades, Molotov cocktails.There are also humorous: banana bomb, holy grenade, baseball bat, ball dragon aeroudar, bunkerolom, lightning, concrete donkey, jackhammer, jet pack, and more.In some cases, you can make a worm kamikaze.He wears a white armband and blows with the enemy.Enemy strikes each other until one of them loses.In some versions of the game is given a limited time.And for ending it comes sudden death.Field can begin to sink into the water until the worms do not drown.Or they will be subjected to a nuclear attack or poisoning, after which begin to lose life.This series of games has a huge number of varieties.They simply can not list them.They change graphics, change weapons, changing features of the game.Depending on the game, you can play with the computer, but you can with a live player.You can also play this game on the internet.Common in recent years in the Internet game vormiks are one of those species.They are widely available on the gaming portals, game sites and social networks.They are direct descendants of the old games.Play online can Vormiks many specialized sites.But there is a significant number of people who prefer to play online Vormiks in social networks.This is a matter of personal preference.In any case, for those who like to play online vormiks fits perfectly.The game is very well known and widespread.You can always find a partner.However, there are many types of rules, even in a single game.As a result, they are very different, thus increasing the choice.Powerful computer is also not required.You can find a version of the game, even for weak laptop.There are variations of this game for mobile phones.Every day there are new versions.