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Quests are very popular destination computer games.For passing the player must solve a lot of mental tasks.They appeared in a long time, but in our time do not lose popularity.The first quests are text-based.Generally without any pictures.The mice did not exist, and the player enters commands from the keyboard.Their popularity was then very large.But, over time, computers became more powerful, the quests become more and more colorful and realistic.There are a whole series of similar, games with good graphics and a long story.Many of these series go so far, and have a lot going on and do not lose their fans.But at the same time developing the genre of small quests.Where the action was limited to only one or a few episodes.These games take up little space.And well presented on the Internet.In fact, these games are a local puzzle to be solved using his wits and experience.There is a whole series of games in which the main task is to find a way out of the room.Genre that usually is called "Out of the room," or in English "Escape the room".Goal of the game out of the room, as already mentioned, to find a way out of a locked room.Usually these games are built on Adobe Flash, but sometimes used real video and photos.The first game of this genre appeared in 1994 under the DOS operating system, but the name of the genre leaves the room was introduced only in 2001.One of the first games named red room.The protagonist of "last night too much to drink," and the next morning woke up in a strange red room.The door is locked, and the player needs to find 12 hidden objects and use them to open the door.The continuation of the game, was green room, with a similar plot.Then there was the Blue Room.And in the future and the White Room, which actually turned out to the garage.Genre is very well developed and today there are countless variations of this game.For fans of the game comes out of the room was one of the best examples of the genre of the short quest.Because the games are usually not demanding of computer resources, and cost without installation, many players prefer to exit out of the room to play online.Exit the room online, usually a small flash game where the player must open a closed door, sort out the items scattered and hidden in the room.The player clicks the mouse and selects items.If an item can not be taken, it usually prompts.Games of this type is very popular among fans of quests.There are even whole forums devoted entirely to the discussion.The number of such games is constantly growing.