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Garfield the cat - the character a comic book series created by the artist Jim Davis.Garfield likes to do nothing and have lasagna (a traditional Italian dish).But does not like raisins.He likes to sleep, but sometimes falls into a rage and destroy anything that stands in his way.In addition to his comics are his owner Jon Arbuckle, veterinarian Liz Wilson, the parents and brother of John Arbuckle, teddy bear Pooky, kitten Nerman, neighborhood dog Luke, and many other minor characters.Comics published from 1978 to the present.Their hero has gained immense popularity.It has already become a hero cartoon series, and a number of individual cartoons.Subsequently withdrew and films dedicated to Garfield.The first of these is called - Garfield.Sequel was called "Garfield 2: A Tale of Two Kitties."In recent years came cartoons "Real Garfield", "Festival of Garfield," "Garfield Space Special Forces."These cartoons have also received great popularity and distribution.Soon, we can expect the emergence of a new favorite character on the screen.Having conquered the world of comic books and movies, Garfield has gained popularity in the IT world.That, however, is not surprising.Many comic book heroes now migrated to the computer screen.Number of games on the cat Garfield is great.Garfield games on sites provided puzzles, arcade games, and many other games of various genres.They are even hard to list them all.On the Internet you can find games coloring games dress up for Garfield.Many puzzles and puzzles.Many variants of tennis, and, in two-dimensional and three-dimensional projection.There are many arcades and brodilok, where the main role of the famous cat.In them, he wanders through the locks, the neighbor's dog fights, hunts on a mouse, playing football and hockey, is a superhero, and, of course, is my favorite lasagna.There are games about the life in space and on other planets.Their popularity is so great that the producers, immediately after the release of the first games usually start to prepare a series of "Games Garfield 2".And they're not wrong, the game always find admirers.That is why online games Garfield attend all gaming sites and portals.For fans of teen Garfield always a good choice.Range is very large.For every taste.Garfield games online are made so that they run no need to install on your computer is no new software, no need to download anything.You can play as soon as the page opens with the interests of the game browser.Of the games in this series adapted for cellular phones.