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Race - one of the oldest types of computer games.They appeared at a time when there was no Internet and no modern computers.Space Race is one of the first computer games made by programmers data centers for their entertainment.Since then, much time has passed.Spread personal computers.Appeared online.A large number of other genres of computer games.A large number of game strategies, in which the player must manage an army or country.There were computer quests, forcing players to strain the brain.Start and develop role-playing games, the goal of which - long development of his character.Considerable popularity zaimeli arcade game.Shooting games have evolved, which is all about reaction time and accuracy.There are other genres of computer games.But race and remained among the most popular.They abound.As before, there are space race, where players are expected fantastic starships.There are air racing planes.And, of course, race cars.Cars and race conditions can be quite different.You can control the real racing car.Is it possible and easy passenger car.Not forgotten and trucks.There is a fantastic means of transport.Among these games is quite realistic, and there are the usual arcade.There are a significant number of fantastic or humorous races.These races are held on the fairy tales of fabulous means of transport.As racing games for girls of this type is most suitable.Unlike some pretty realistic games, they are not difficult to manage.Enough to master only a few buttons and techniques.On sites where there are games race for girls is usually a special section.There may be a significant number of races with the appropriate characters.Among them - the race that involve Barbie race with Winx, Bratz, and other popular girls heroes.Racing games for girls, as a rule you can download to your computer to be able to play without an Internet connection.And you can, if you want to play right on the site are online.Most gaming portals and websites offer the ability to play these games without downloading and registration.It is better to search for a site where there is a variety of games for girls, racing, puzzle games, dress up games, puzzles, coloring books and other no less interesting computer programs.In that case, you can choose exactly what like.