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Computer races have long been known, for decades.The most famous of these races are driving games.Simulations are arcade and realistic.Arcade are fairly simple operation, and are designed, first and foremost, to ensure that a good time.Realistic driving games are quite complex to manage, and some of them even can be used for training of these drivers.Each genre has its fans and is designed for the purpose.Obviously, realistic racing games for boys 3 years hardly suitable.If you need to find a race game for boys 3 years, it is better to turn to Arcadia.They can be easily found on the gaming portals that offer games for boys online, there is always the race.In 70 years of computer driving games have been popular with the top view.In those years it was not possible to make a realistic view of the cockpit.But, gradually, computers have evolved, and the opportunity to make more realistic game.There are races to riding around the city, racing, where you can choose and customize different brands of cars.Image has become more like the real world.There race for survival.In these games, you had not only the fastest drive on the machine, but to constantly engage in battle with rivals.With the advent of broadband internet the opportunity to compete with rivals who are in different parts of the world.A large number of many custom racing car simulator.These games were completely different types, different levels of difficulty, and are designed for different age groups.Well settled as online racing games for boys.They are specially made based on simple control and are designed for an audience of children.These games can be quite large in size, and can be small toys, made to flash and run directly from the browser window.In this case, they are accessible to all, no download and registration.Most gaming portals and social networks provide racing games for boys free.Moreover, not only online, but also allow them to download to your computer.These sites allow to download free games for boys, racing have required.As well as shooting games, arcade games, strategy and other computer games are popular.In our time, the Internet has a large number of such sites.There you can choose any game you like.Despite this, the number of these gaming sites continues to grow, and the range of games is regularly expanding.