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Driving games - a genre of computer games, in which the user is driving.Play them with a keyboard or a computer steering.Driving games are arcade and realistic.Clear distinction between the two types do not.There are a significant number of transition games.In addition, games are classified and other grounds.Races are: rally, highway-ring, city, off-road, fictional, fabulous and shooting.They are divided and to the type of vehicle.The first race with the top view out in 70 years.Then they went out on the slot machines.Only much later, they began to leave on personal computers.In the 80's there is a realistic driving games.Initially, they were devoted to racing on special racing cars, or cars.But it soon turned out that there are a lot of geek fans to play the race trucks.In these games, as a rule, the player can move on trucks to transport goods at will.Very often, the game has a large admixture of economic strategy.Need to develop, carry loads faster than the competition, establish their business and buy new cars.Usually, the choice is given a lot of trucks.From polutorok to heavy trucks and trailers.May attend tanks and other special vehicles.Typically, these games can support and arcade and realistic modes.This can be adjusted in the game settings.From this very much depends on the complexity of passing.For goods, the main monitor its safety and integrity.Therefore, there are not recommended risky maneuvers and tight turns.But it is possible and just make a race without fear for cargo.Under such a regime, not only Georgia, but also trucks games can be completely broken.The main thing to come first to the finish line.With the advent of broadband Internet mass player being able to play games online racing truck.Most popular gaming service provides games racing trucks for free.You can play even without registration.As online games trucks may also be a realistic or arcade game.Depending on the settings.You can just start a race for speed, the type of race tracks, and you can begin to fight for the best economic outcome.In this case, the main thing is the most safe and reliable delivery of needed goods.Very often, racing trucks are not the only part of the game.It may be present and other types of vehicles.