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Play online games for two races for free.Have a lot of fun playing together in the race for two.

Game dedicated to racing there for a long time.While personal computers have not been widely distributed and these games are coming out on special arcade.Only later they began to appear on the screens of home computers.The first game of this genre had a view from the top.Subsequently, there were games in the three-dimensional projection.Soon the games in this genre divided into arcade and realistic.Arcade games had a simple operation and considered more entertaining.Realistic games are quite complex and require serious skills.Already on the slot machines an opportunity to play in the race for two.Players have two wheels.The screen in front of them was divided into two parts.And you could keep an uncompromising competition.This possibility exists and PCs.In this case, each player drove the car from his half of the keyboard.The screen is also divided into two parts, each for their vehicle.Computer race developed rapidly.There are games where there is city driving.And soon the screen showed a very real city that existed in reality.There were games mimicking real racetracks.It will be possible to drive a car that behaves almost like in real life.You could drive a truck, passenger cars or race cars.At the same time, a large number of racing games with a fantastic atmosphere and fantastic transport.Games have become an interesting option race for survival.In these games, it was necessary not only to drive fast, but to win in the battle with the enemy.In the future, it's time to broadband internet and games in the race for two players have become more popular.The opportunity to play with the man generally located at the other end of the globe.With the game on the internet, each player has a computer and can compete with any number of opponents.The entourage of the game can be quite arbitrary.Modern opportunities permit.Races take place in the streets, race tracks, obstacle course, and even on other planets.At the same time, the popularity of simple toys that are based on the flash, and do not require a download to your computer, did not fall.These games can be played on a set of relevant gaming sites.They are easy to operate and available to all.Generally, sites do not require registration.In some of these games can also be played alone.But much of the supports only single mode game.Sites with these games are widely distributed on the Internet.Their number in recent years more and more increasing.