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Racing on skateboards Skateboard for many years - an integral part of the urban landscape.In each area as a provincial town, and major regional centers, in places where there is a fairly smooth asphalt, and ideally - carefully laid tile, be sure to meet teenagers on skateboards.His passion boys deny permanent outrage mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers on that modern children are interesting only online chats yes computer games.And when you consider that many of the teens with a passion for riding skateboards without touching not only beer and cocktails, but also to the same cigarettes, another elderly morals campaigners claim becomes the usual nagging.Racing on skeybordah on city streets is not always possible to arrange, for example, in small towns for this is simply not enough space, but have to be able to skate and ride it today wants most teenagers.Sport in the city streets, clothes with reperskimi Baubles and skateboard under his arm became omen not very clearly defined, but, nevertheless, and became part of the subculture of teenage fashion.Special chic: learn not only to subdue skateboard on the pavement, just rolling on a flat surface, but also to do with the board two or three simple trick.Learn it pretty easily.Here's one of the secrets of interest to racing on skateboards and in life, and in the virtual world, which also rules.Computer Games Racing skateboards are created by people passionate about.The variety of scenery and conditions of the game and will satisfy fans of skateboarding, fans of classic racing cars and motorcycles, especially if the drivers be fed up with the usual options for rapid transit.What are the advantages Racing Games on skateboards?First of all, even the most sketchy game featuring skaters impregnated with a special atmosphere.They are immersed in a fantasy world with the mountainous terrain, or find yourself in a familiar childhood urban landscape.One may feel the splash of adrenaline from going on a skateboard on the road next to flying at high speed.Or take part in competitions where there are skateboarding, and some elements of parkour.Jumping on a skateboard from one roof to another city high-rise, it's hard to stay calm.Racing Games on skateboards dynamic and carried away instantly.Do not believe me?Check it Now!Open the appropriate section of the site and start playing the race on skateboards.No special skills are needed - Controls are usually simple, they are not hard to remember.And do not have to spend money - all games are free.