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Gravity - The universe in your computer Conquer space and feel the inexorable laws of gravity.What could be more interesting and exciting?Gravity Games - another clue to the universe.Cosmos attracts people almost from the first day of its existence.Space without borders lured people always.At first, people imagine that wherever in the 21st century spacecraft sent to inhabit the divine essence.Gods this or other incorporeal creatures, spirits and souls of the dead - every nation had its own view of the world order.As the years passed, the world has changed, our planet began to see a round celestial body, and the sky overhead turned into a vast space.But today, in the era of space travel, space still remains almost the main secret of the universe.And no one knows what it will become in the eyes of the grandson and great-grandchildren of those who now want to download the game Gravity.Modern science can not solve all the mysteries of the universe, but scientists have been able to comprehend certain laws in force in the solar system.Mutual influence of the heavenly bodies, a force of attraction, of course, grain of knowledge in space, but it gave a lot.Theoretically, people today do not know enough.But, as is often the case, I want all the experience for yourself.Firmly entrenched in our lives, computer reality seriously increase a person's chances on the way of understanding the world.You can now explore the universe, without much effort.Gravity free in this sense - an indispensable tool.They are not like other simulators.Their originality is that in the virtual space played no different, not like ours, a world familiar to us and the universe.The laws are immutable, simple and clear.This is an exact copy of the macrocosm.Naturally, the ability to download Gravity interested, first of all, fans of studying the laws of our universe.This physical simulation offers players two modes - simple, which will give a few minutes of a pleasant stay, and complex.The first mode for gameplay similar to conventional computer billiards.Dashed line draws the path of the charge, the player who has chosen Gravity free, we can only choose the path, moving on a celestial body will be in the net.If you select the second mode, it is at first glance just a little different - there is no dotted line, the player will have good to try to get right on target.Choosing Gravity, you can play not only with pleasure, but also to good use.